OS-logo-fullby Anne Finlay-Stewart
Regular Owen Sound City Council meetings happen about twenty times a year. In less than 50 hours, the decisions about our city are made, all in full view of the public and the Rogers television cameras. Politicians and community members alike take advantage of those few hours of free broadcast and streamed time to promote causes, concerns and...commercials?

Last night an international beauty products brand got a full twenty-plus minutes of promotion in our municipal council chamber, from start to end of a deputation about a charity walk.

The cause is a vital one without question - improving access to safe water, hygiene and toilets in the world's poorest communities is lifesaving work. Clearly the Mayor and councillors understand this because many of

backwoodsby Bill Moses

I believe that Catharine Parr Traill is the best choice for a woman on a Canadian Banknote. Here are some reasons why.

We should remember that all of us except for First Nations peoples were immigrants or else our forebears were. (For example, Catharine Parr Traill came to Canada in 1832 while my great grandfather came in 1849.) Catharine made the point that in Canada every person regardless of their background had to start at the same level and that their advancement depended on hard work and that they had to take a long term view, understand that things would get better and that their children would have a better life. To me this relates so much to the immigrant experience of today. Canada has always had, and still does offer, a stable environment within which a person, despite initial deprivation, can improve their lot through hard work. Having Catharine Parr Traill on a banknote will remind us of that.

Catharine was an amateur botanist and loved nature. She spoke of how lonely many people were in this new

falconsTo Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in regards to yet another poor decision that the Bluewater District School Board is about to make. I urge you to approach with caution, as your decision will affect not only students, parents, and school staff, but also community members such as myself. I am a concerned older sister with a seventeen-year-old brother in grade 11 at OSCVI.

Obviously you would have heard the more obvious arguments against closing OSCVI by now, such as what will happen to certain jobs. Teachers have families they need to provide for. It's hard enough to break into the world of teaching, and yet you're willing to jeopardize already-secure jobs? What about certain classes that were only offered at OSCVI, such as greenhouse? What will the new busing situation look like? Why move students from a fairly new facility and place them into a crowded, decrepit facility that can barely house the students who already go there? I have visited West Hill, and I have seen it first-hand. For example, their ...

OSCVI1To the Board of Trustees Regarding the ARC review of Owen Sound Area Schools:

I want to take a moment to thank the board and everyone involved in this process.  I realize how difficult these choices are and we all want the best for our children. I’m also a chartered accountant, so I definitely understand the pressure of budgets and timetables and deadlines. But we have to remember that it’s not all about the numbers.

Our family moved to this area over 10 years ago for quality of life. We wanted to spend time with our kids, not spend it paying off a million-dollar mortgage in Toronto.  

We have two daughters, one finishing grade 6 and the other set to graduate grade 8. We have just been through the process of deciding which high school she should attend. Also, we are out of area as we are on the west side of hwy 6, instead of the east side.

For the most part, I’ve been happy with their elementary school.  I understand how parents  are reluctant to send their young kids to high school too early. A few years ago, I probably would’ve had the same response. Now I have a different viewpoint.




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