greece-regBy David McLaren

Let's talk about neoliberals. I don't mean Liberals still wet behind the ears like Justin Trudeau. Nor are they old NDPers made new Liberals like Bob Rae. And I'm sure not talking about the Senators formerly known as Liberals who are now just (small-l) liberal Senators.

beer-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

A full two-page newspaper spread purporting to tell you "the facts" only confirms one. Someone has a lot of money and it is at risk.

Starting there, The Hub went for a look behind The Beer Store's latest campaign and its implications for our most local brewer.

Kathleen Wynne promised changes to the alcohol regulatory system when she ran for the leadership of the provincial Liberals, and as Premier she has appointed an advisory panel on the subject which has yet to produce its final recommendations. But the revelation of a controversial agreement between the LCBO and The Beer Store caused the latter to take some pre-emotive action, including a few small concessions and an extravagant ad buy to make them look huge.

grain-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

My response to this release: http://www.oschamber.com/news.cfm?newsid=74

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a reaction without itself being changed.

Trent Gow, commissioned by the local chamber of commerce to analyze five years' worth of engineering reports about the Owen Sound harbour, uses the term to describe its role in both our historical and future prosperity. His overview anticipates considerable change in the "catalyst" itself.

work-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

Precarious work can mean working without a dependable schedule, receiving no sick pay, working more than one job to make ends meet, and making less than a living wage for all of that.

The Precarious Work Group of Peace and Justice Grey Bruce formed to look into the effect this kind of employment was having on their neighbours. Their final report released this week , paints a grim picture of the work life of many local residents. who are themselves a reflection of a bigger reality.

It is not news.

anne-budget-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

Let's make this personal. If you have an average house and pay the average Owen Sound property taxes of $3,100, about $1,250 will go towards the budgets of Grey County and one of the local school boards.

You will contribute approximately $1,850 toward the expenses of the City of Owen Sound.

The half of that which supports the fire and police departments, most of it to pay the salaries and benefits of front-line service providers and support staff, was the focus of attention as the budget process continued.


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