snapshot-by John Fearnall

Some musings on the Koodo mural/Ad and accompanying video/commercial in downtown Owen Sound.

As this is the type of stuff I deal with in my high school media class (we will be discussing this on Monday) and I have yet to weigh in on the subject, I thought I'd throw some ideas out there regarding this somewhat controversial piece.

1) Despite what they claim, Koodo is not doing this because they like us. This is an ad and an attempt for

FOL-by Anne Finlay-Stewart

Twenty-seven hours of holiday hoopla. Time will tell if the schedule is a winner.

Downtown Owen Sound will be the place to be from Friday, November 18 at 6 p.m. until Saturday night at 9. Moonlight Madness kicks things off Friday night, the Kiwanis Santa Claus parade marches through Saturday morning and the Festival of Northern Lights will switch ...

bwwaterdrop- Keith Brooks, Environmental Defence

We applaud the Ontario government for launching a process toward protecting Ontario's groundwater and for putting the needs of communities above the profits of water bottlers.

The public has spoken up about the need for action to protect drinking water supplies from water bottlers, and it is time for...

shhhh1-by Anne Finlay-Stewart

"Have you ever been sexually assaulted?"
Not a second of hesitation...."Yes".
"Me too."

My sister-in-law. 55 years old, widowed, retired from twenty-five years teaching elementary school.
Me. 62 years old, married for more than half of that to her brother.

It's Thanksgiving, and we are having a conversation neither of us have....


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