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Good Evening Board Staff, Trustees, and members of the public.

There were many themes identified by board staff that arose during the public consultation period. Two recognized areas I wish to highlight tonight include the need for rural options and support of keeping groups together.
We want you to give the families at Derby who are being split apart the choice of sending their children to Arran-Tara elementary school with the majority of Derby students. We encourage you to consolidate Derby to keep the community together.
The current recommendation has displaced a small number of families from their respective school, forcing them out of their community of friends, family and neighbours. These families who are on the outer boundary of Arran-Tara Elementary are being singled out and sent to Hepworth or Hillcrest schools. They did not

derby- Lorelie Spencer

Thank you for the opportunity to speak tonight. I would like to thank the participants in the Accommodation Review process for their professionalism and willingness to listen to everyone's positions with an open mind.
There is something to be said about commitment and passion. It's why all of us are in this room today, be it as an elected Official or parent. It is because we care.
In my Professional life, I am an Urban and Regional Planner. A Profession requiring long-term outlook and strategic planning in order to make recommendations to decision makers that reflect the matter at hand and, most importantly the context of the matter in future. Decisions must have regard to their long-term implication. In this Profession I have to address risk management, ensure the preservation of resources and direct growth and development to areas where development is appropriate. Long term planning is not optional. It is necessary.
It is disappointing to say the least that Derby School is back in this position, just over two years after the Board made the decision to keep the school open for five more years. Further interesting is the fact that the

OwenSoundButton-page-0012Hello. My name is Graham Sanders, I am a Grade 13 member of West Hill Secondary School. When the Accommodation Review Committee discussion first presented itself back in December I was rather unconcerned at first. I told myself that it was something which did not concern me, as I am moving forward with my education after the end of this school year. However, I soon realized I cared much more about the result and I wasn't capable of sitting back and leaving my views unsaid.

I have listened to the ...

boardoffice-by Anne Finlay-Stewart

The twenty speakers ranged from a therapist and an urban planner, to school representatives on the Accommodation Review Committees, parents and retired educators. They had all come to last night's special meeting of the Bluewater District School Board to give their opinions to trustees about the Preliminary Final Report on the future of schools in the Owen Sound area.

But the clearest, most profound voices in the room without question were the youngest. The students and recent alumni spoke with wisdom, passion and their own vision of ...


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