VE Day featThis year, instead of celebrating the start of a war, let us celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe, and the beginning of peace. WWII was a horrifying and devastating war which took the lives of millions and millions of people, both military and civilians. A war which left thousands upon thousands more permanently damaged, whether physically or mentally. A war which changed the lives of millions. And a war which changed many countries, perhaps even the world.
On May 7, 1945, the papers were signed and the great news went out across the airwaves. Not yet in my teens, I remember the day well – a warm, sunny day in the small town of Uxbridge. A few friends and I ran spontaneously to the town Fire Hall which housed the large fire alarm bell, grabbed the rope hanging within reach, and joyously pulled the rope to ring the bell again and again and again. Although not touched personally by the tragedies of the war, I had lived half my life knowing and learning about it and being part of many experiences connected with the war. Helping ring the bell was an expression of the happiness I felt that it was now over.

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By Kimberley Love

There's an old joke that goes "even paranoids have enemies". It's a good time in Canada to keep that joke in mind. Prime MinisterHarper has pushed forward Bill C-51 using scary language – "a great evil descending on our world" – to amplify the so-called terrorist threat to Canada. And he's used that emotionally charged language as cover for legislation that intrudes on the rights of individual Canadian citizens.

So let's ask the real question. Which is the greater danger to Canada: terrorism, or the fallout from anti-terror legislation that sacrifices our rights?

People concerned about the over-reach of government into the rights of individual Canadian citizens - rights to privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and due legal process have been asking this question. This backlash produced cosmetic changes to C-51 announced Friday. But you would have to be naive to imagine that such a question was relevant to the considerations that brought C-51 forward in the first place. Bill C-51 is one of a series of distractions, aimed at diverting theattention of the electorate from the real issues facing Canada in the upcoming federal election.


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-by David McLaren

The terrorists will have won if we voluntarily surrender the very rights and freedoms Mr Harper says they hate us for.

For that is what Bill C-51 is, a surrender.

I have read the Bill, and I've read the terrorist provisions now in the Criminal Code, and the new Canadian Security Intelligence Act that passed into law even as Parliament began debate on new police powers for the Canadian Security Intelligent Service under C-51.

In the Criminal Code there are already a dozen definitions of terrorism. In section 83.01, a terrorist activity must “serve a political, religious or ideological purpose … and with the intention of intimidating the public … or compelLINg a person, a government … to do or refrain from doing any act … and that intentionally causes death” or harm, including harm to an essential service. (s.83.01(1)b)

That this works is proven by the various hair-brained and hair-raising schemes police and CSIS have already uncovered and put before the courts.

open-close-regTrending #4 on Twitter. Newspaper stories in national dailies. Clips on network television and conversations on both CBC and Talk Radio. Seven word quotes that fit easily in soundbites and headlines.

This week Owen Sound and Grey County have had free "ink and air" worth millions of dollars in the advertising world; attention that marketers only dream about.

Is there really "no such thing as bad publicity"?

You may have voted for Larry Miller as your MP. You may agree with his feelings about the Supreme Court decision that the Conservative government's ban on wearing face coverings in citizenship ceremonies violated Canada's Citizenship Act. But you have also paid taxes to create economic development and tourism strategies at both the city and county levels and offer incentives to prospective developers. Has this week's focus on our region leveraged this investment in a positive way?


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