BCK-regBy Aly Boltman

For over a decade, I've watched that hulking mass of blight we Owen Sounders call BCK, rot away. As someone who loves our city, I've never been able to understand why it has sat there, woefully ignored and abandoned for so long. Yes, there are probably a dozen reasons why its owners haven't moved forward with a plan – mild contamination, lack of expansion in our population base, poor understanding of our community, the bleed of industry in our downtown core in favour of the faceless, sterile car-friendly development on the fringe, and so on. I've heard it all. But one thing is absolutely certain – the lack of growth on the site (excepting the weeds), be it a pop-up park or a full scale mixed-use development, really points to a fatal pairing that has allowed the blight to exist for far too long; lack of imagination and an apathetic city.

Whip-regBy Jenny Parsons

What do whipped votes and dead money have in common? No, they are not ska-punk bands names. These are the concepts that are still forefront in mind after hours of guest speaker-talks and intense conversations had at the Green Party Convention held in New Brunswick this month.

wind-regularBy Andre Den Tandt

In the 1970s the names of Donald Johanson and Lucy, the relatively complete pre-hominid skeleton he discovered in Ethiopia, were regularly in the news. So were Louis and Mary Leakey, who had preceded him into Africa and Olduvai Gorge in what is now Kenya. The tools and skeletons they found belonged to upright-walking pre-hominids, and they were clearly older than the 6000 or so years that Bishop James Ussher had determined as the time since creation as told in Genesis.


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