broken-regularBy Andre Den Tandt

The provincial election is nearly two weeks behind us and Premier Kathleen Wynne has revealed her reshuffled cabinet. Most of the pundits have given their verdicts on the election, the PCs are looking for a new leader and so we can all go into a long nap. But why do I have this nagging thought that all is far from well in this province?

achilles-regularBy David McLaren

There is a very old idea from ancient Greek culture that goes by the Greek name of timé. It is honour, specifically, in the Homeric view of the world at least, honour that has external measure and great value among men.

But such honour is not infinite. Think: spoils of war. Homer's Iliad is about timé. It is a snapshot of one incident in the long siege of Troy by a Greek city-state coalition of the willing.

Achilles is the greatest of the Greeks who attack Troy and he gains the lion's share of spoils—oftimé: tripods (for some reason), armour, weapons, gold, Briseis the concubine whom he loves.

cell-tower-regularBy Lindy Iversen
To have or not to have one and maybe three cell towers (Rogers, Bell & Telus) at our beautiful harbour in the municipality of Meaford, is one part of the question.

The other part: 'Will our municipal council conduct a genuine citizen's engagement process that is heard and has influence regarding this issue?"

How council handles this important matter will have long-standing repercussions for our community.

Writing In the April 2013 issue of Municipal World magazine, Erin O'Hoski had this suggestion: "The dialogue needs to move from immediate needs and desires to the development of shared solutions for the future."

The proposed cell tower at Meaford Harbour presents our community with a classic case of right vs. right now.


It has been, to say the least, an uninspiring campaign. If you're at all like me, you're not thrilled with any of the options on offer. Yet here we are. We must choose. Or we can abdicate our duty to vote, or spoil a ballot - neither of which is a responsible option, it seems to me.

rcmp-cost-regular"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane" – Marcus Aurelius

By Erroll G. Treslan

Last week's slaughter of three RCMP officers in Moncton has provided us with a sobering reminder of the risks that those who protect our communities take every day they go to work. If ever there were an example of something good coming out of a tragedy, it would be the images of Moncton residents lining up to hug officers in a contemporaneous display of both grief and gratitude.


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