wind-andre-regularBy Andre Den Tandt

Just this past week a brand-new facility opened in Harriston - a multi-million dollar
state-of-the-art high-tech operation, using flywheels to store energy ready for release onto
the electricity grid. Good news, even great news, right?

Well, no, except perhaps for the few jobs in Harriston while it was being built. It will
be run from elsewhere, quite literally. There was no reference in the news item to its
capacity over time, to the cost, to who is paying for it (you and me), or to the real nature of the service it renders. Missing also was any reference to its cost-effectiveness, that is, the price paid for that service.



By Aly Boltman

April 1st, I became the Executive Director of the Community Foundation Grey Bruce. But before I left The Roxy, I submitted a proposal for SPARC, the Symposium for Performing Arts in Rural Communities. And to my delight, Philly Markowitz and I were asked to speak to people from all over North America about community cultural collaborations. Last April, we wound our way through the back roads to Haliburton, past the high rivers, ogling gigantic Osprey nests precariously perched on lights at the side of the highway.

warren-birds-regularBy R. Michael Warren

When will Owen Sound become an intelligent community?

Owen Sound, along with the rest of the world is experiencing one of the greatest economic transformations in history. Whether we like it or not, we are all immersed in the rapidly expanding global broadband economy.

To prosper, communities must compete in a digital world in which robust ultra-fast networks are becoming commonplace. When most of us think of broadband we're referring to DSL, cable, satellite and wireless. But fibre-optic broadband is dozens of times faster than these systems and carries infinitely more data.


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