Re: Vaccination policies on Council agenda

I live in a country where I have a choice to vaccinate or not without cost.

If I choose to vaccinate, I know from the science that I’m less likely to become seriously ill if I do contract Covid19. I’m less likely to need hospitalization, ICU or ventilator, and that leaves more health care available for other health care needs including my own. I’m also less likely to infect others, although this is still possible, because vaccinated people carry a smaller viral load. If vaccinated I can travel and can attend concerts, sports events, post secondary education and many other events and venues that I will not be admitted to if I choose not to be vaccinated. I will still be able to access essentials.

Knowing clearly that not having a vaccine passport if I choose not to vaccinate, I can still live comfortably away from others who feel differently. I know I must not force my choice to vaccinate on others because it is my choice and not theirs…. Why should others fear that I may infect them or prevent vaccinated people from participating fully in the life of my community. They can not choose for me. I chose: I’m vaccinated.

Real leadership takes into account all of the potential benefits and/or consequences of decision questions before them, known or unknown. They don’t always wait to see what others have done and they are not always popular. They try their best to make good, not perfect, decisions for the right reasons. I know that Owen Sound Council is weighing this very carefully.

Odette Barnicki


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