- by Andrea Donaldson

What have I done so far from PEI to be the voice of my hometown Owen Sound, ON in regards to the addiction and unhoused issues there?

- Spoken to the mayor

junkies- Spoken to public health
- Wrote emails to all the people that COULD make a difference
- Done numerous newspaper articles
- Reached out to those struggling that have access to the internet
- Spoken to the police
- Reached out to different organizations that specialize in helping these issues
- Made phone calls

The thing is I’m only one person and as much as I’m trying the problems keep getting worse which makes this even harder for me, but it also adds more fight in me to be the voice for those most vulnerable.

My hometown is my hometown and I’ll ALWAYS fight for the people there.

I was once one of them in the same situations so I know what I’m talking about and what needs to be done to make a positive change.

I’m NOT giving up and my voice will be heard for many years to come.




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