-by Curtis Healy

Face Coverings are not a security issue. If we cannot adapt to the idea that woman have and are entitled to their own comfort associated with their own bodies then our belief system is a myth- because it can't respect a woman's differences in intimacy, out of another culture, in this case associated with her face. We are based on cultural tolerance, and our survival has been based on removing the need of assimilation under the fantasy of a so called 'national purity'. Insecurity causes impatience, and if we are impatient with women from elsewhere, we will do nothing but inspire bitterness for being Canadian, inspire insecurity at being Canadian, while they must take their time, as our new country-folk to ascertain their own level of comfort, with what can be, for someone who is not used to the so many options of expression Canada has, overwhelming. Give them time to understand themselves as they do, and they will most excellently use the time, as mature humans who understand themselves maturely, to make the best decisions for their comfort, and people being allowed to do that, simply spreads comfort to all persons. It's important to understand that women who wear face coverings are born Canadians,just a much as women who wear face coverings are sworn in as Canadians. The legal practice of vetting a person to enter into our community and become a citizen was being handled respectfully and without controversy for decades before someone came along and used it as a signal to spread hysteria. All Canada is being asked to do as a society is accept the notion that it is childish to think that people only cover their faces on Hallowe'en, it may feel unusual at the start, but it is not that difficult to adapt to, that many more days out of the year we may come across people who do it for a more significant reason. Children undergoing growth spurts experience growing pains, giving birth comes with the seriously strong muscle contractions that actually produce a new consciousness in the real world, that is Canada right now, and it's nothing to panic about.


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