- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Just a reminder to those who seek simple solutions to complex problems.

"Video shows murderer who escaped a Pennsylvania prison using same route as another inmate who broke out in May" was a headline today, followed by a clip of clear surveillance video of the escape a week ago.

More than two years ago, police in Owen Sound released a clear video (I apologize that I cannot find it now) of two people vandalizing our inclusive crosswalk. The people turned their heads toward the high quality camera in a well-lit area and if you knew those people, you would be able to identify them easily. No suspects have been identified to date.

Did the video protect the crosswalk from subsequent vandalism? Perhaps.

Did the video make those who felt violated feel safer? Not by itself, no.

A discussion about the benefits and research into possible deterrent effects of surveillance cameras is one of many conversations this community needs to have, but it will not be the sole answer to crime nor the underlying causes of crime. It will itself raise questions of cost, human resources, privacy and accountability

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