A civil Facebook discussion between silent Greenbelt protest organizer, Grey Highland resident Dave Meslin and former Grey Highlands Deputy Mayor Stewart Halliday.Stewart Halliday.

Stewart Halliday
There is an appropriate time and place for silent protests .
This should be an apolitical day.
Hospitals are for everyone.
Perhaps you should celebrate the fact that our communities raised 12 million dollars which has allowed the Hospital to move forward.
Our local funds purchased all of equipment and fixtures.

Dave Meslin
Hey Stewart! I agree that it's a bad day for a protest. But it's also the only visit we're going to have from the Premier this year. So, there's no way to make it an apolitical day. When the Premier visits, it's political! Especially when he's in the middle of a scandal. Ford is facing greenbelt protests wherever he goes, every single day. Next week will be no different. Ford's actions are abhorrent, and I feel a strong duty to stand up against these policies.
The silent protest is a perfect compromise. If this was happening on any other day, we'd be organising a very loud and disruptive protest. But we're gonna keep it calm and quiet, and short, for all the reasons you mentioned.

Stewart Halliday
The Municipality of Grey Highlands has recently benefited from large Provincial funding .
19.6 million for the new Beavercrest school and daycare centre, 3.0 million towards the refurbishment of the Flesherton connecting link and finally 58.0 million towards the new Markdale Hospital.
Think LOCAL .

Dave Meslin
Stewart, I don't think we should feel grateful when the government spends money that they collected from us. It's tax dollars, and the reason we pay taxes is so we can have schools, hospitals and roads. The 80 million you're talking about is not a gift from from Queen's Park, it's just the basic proper use of our hard-earned tax dollars. This was always our money.
Also, let's keep this in perspective. 80 million sounds like a lot, but in a province of 15 million people, it works out to about $8 per taxpayer.
Sorry. Ford doesn't get applause from me, for doing one small part of his job properly.
The people who deserve applause are those in our community who pushed for these investments. I'll cheer for them any day. That includes town council, Bill Walker, local fundraisers, etc...

Dave Meslin
I agree with Stewart 100%!
Sometimes we're forced into a situation where conflicting realities simply have to co-exist.
This is a week to celebrate the new hospital and all the hard work that went into it. So many passionate residents of Grey County have worked towards this goal - and we should all be grateful.
At the same time, the Ontario government is in the middle of a self-inflicted crisis, and the Premier is a valid and appropriate target for protest. The destruction of thousands of acres of protected agricultural land is not just a disgrace - it's an irreversible attack on precious farmland. Farms are irreplaceable. Once you pave over it, and build sprawl and Big Box stores... it can't be undone. So the time to protest is NOW. Because later is simply too late.
BTW, I appreciate this thread and I think it's a great discussion. Thanks for all your thoughts and comments!


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