- by Kaitlyn Neath

Ontario’s government is cutting services for what they say is an effort to “save” the economy. Dismantling vital services and protective policies should not be the mandate of a “government for the people.”

Please join us in the Library boardroom tomorrow,  Wednesday April 24, and write a letter to our MPP Bill Walker.

Letter writing is most effective when many are sent at the same time. If you want to pop in to write a letter , or just drop one off between 9:30 and 1:00, I will be there with some sample letters to copy, if you’d like. We'll also make copies of all the letters you write and bring the originals to Bill Walker’s office.

A healthy economy cannot survive without healthy people. A smart economy cannot exist without educated people. A lasting economy cannot be possible without environmental protections.

If you do not live in the Owen Sound area, or can’t make it out on Wednesday, please consider starting your own letter writing group, or just drafting one yourself.





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