- by Bill Moses

While no one can truly say that we are in a climate crisis, it sure as hell makes a lot of sense to act as if there is one. 

A good analogy to our situation would be that of being given a brand new car and then, more than not maintaining  it, we totally abuse it. Then the engine light comes on.  Is that a crisis? 

I would think so because this is the only car we’ve got.  There are no others.  If and when we do finally smarten up and treat our car better we are going to be still stuck with a broken down unreliable car.  Restoring it or even just making it somewhat more reliable is going to take a lot of time and money. 

We have two choices, pay me now or have our kids pay me later.  The latter is not nice!   

The (Trawna} Star recently headlined an article beginning with,  “Scheer charts a moderate course”.  Here’s my take.  
Andrew Scheer basically agrees with the Liberal platform but has to somehow mitigate that to provide an alternative for his right wing followers.  That does not make it a true definition of an alternative political platform.  

The true alternative Conservative platform resides with the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, which, if it had gone over well, Scheer would have been quick to adopt.  (Remember, this is my take!) 

Going back to the last century, there were hardline Liberals (guilty) and hard line Conservatives.  At that time  there were those who believed that it was way better to have one major party in power in Ontario and another in Ottawa.  Thus we would have an umbrella pseudo-government  representing us all, both left and right. 

Current middle of the roaders might consider that. (I must confess that I used to be an NDP supporter, and in today’s climate I would probably be a Green.  However, when it comes to values, I like to have just two alternatives.  KISS.)





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