- John Fearnall

Helping every student become Media literate would go a long way in battling many of the problems addressed in this article.  (CBC, Jan24,2020, 'We're constantly asked for pictures': Teen researches why sending naked pics is now normal)

And many others - think "fake news", the "echo chamber" of social media, systemic racism, etc..

But, of course, if someone is Media literate, they also start to see through a lot of the messages that drive our consumer culture, which may not be good for business.

Interesting that the Mike Harris Conservative government tried to eliminate Media literacy courses many years ago. Only because of push back from Media literacy teachers did it survive at all.

Now the Doug Ford Conservative government has finished the job by increasing class sizes which, in turn, eliminated elective courses, which Media literacy is.

This is the first year in my teaching career that I have not taught this course. I have been told that if enough students do not sign up for it next year, it will be removed from the course calendar. Hard to convince students of its importance when everyone (including the media) is telling them they need their Maths, Sciences, etc. etc..

Get good marks. Get a good job. Buy stuff. Don't think about why you are doing so.

When will we ever learn?





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