- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

In keeping with our principal of removing both personal insults and defamation as soon as we see it in our readers' contributions or comments, we took one down this morning – and almost immediately another appeared from the same writer.

It was a busy morning. Lots of people wanted their messages out as soon as possible, and some of our media colleagues were having technical problems, so we were trying to help out. I didn't have time to babysit our social media users with grudges.

So I blocked the writer. At least for the morning while I got my real work done.

A few minutes later we received the following email. You can likely fill in what I have chosen to replace with elipses. (Name and email address have been withheld out of consideration for his family.)

   “You're a f...ing joke. Insults ? You have no idea how [the entity cited] is run from the inside and you think me calling them garbage    and homophobic are insults ?! Then you remove me and block me from your tiny little pathetic news page ?

    Well first go f... yourself and the little pony dog show you rode in on. Second I'll be denouncing your site for the rest of my life as a site that limits free speech to anyone. You're a f...ing joke. F...you b... “

Once again, we know we are tiny and little, but we disagree with “pathetic”. We strive to build community and find solutions, and keep the light on in the dark corners the best we can. This article helps give us parameters about free speech and defamation.

Just to remind you that the Owen Sound Hub, in collaboration with Tibbs Management Inc., has opened a Community Incubator at 279 10th St. East in downtown Owen Sound. We invite you to come take a look. Consider what you could imagine in that space, what our community needs to incubate, and how you might see yourself involved.

We'll be open this Saturday the 29th AND Sunday, the 1st (in case you're still shovelling on Saturday) from 10 until 2 each day so you can shamelessly satisfy your curiosity. Or you can email us at [email protected] . Normally the Inc. will be booked, or open by luck or appointment.

We don't have a phone because, frankly, I don't think anyone should have to listen to an audio version of the above.


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