Larry-Miller-TwitterOn Monday March 16th, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound member of parliament Larry Miller appeared on the CFOS Radio call-in show the "Open Line" with Bill Murdoch. During the show, a caller claimed that he "knew it was wrong" to cover one's face during citizenship ceremonies. Mr. Miller stated his position and then said "I think most Canadians feel the same."

At the Hub we are curious whether our readers agree. Do most Canadians feel this way? Who are "most Canadians" and how do we determine how they feel on this subject?  We invite you to submit your opinion in writing to both the Hub and Mr. Miller's office.


The Open Line podcast is available in full at the Bayshore Broadcasting website.

The relevant transcript appears below:

Bill: Now when we're talking about covering their face then, what do you think about this latest blow-up about people  some of them thinking they should- they should be able to cover their face when they go for their- for their citizenship?


Joseph: I think that's wrong.


Bill: Okay well I-


Joseph: I don't think, I know it's wrong.


Larry:  I really appreciate you saying that Joseph, and  because it's true, and you know, it just baffles me that  that lady  you know challenged this in court and won. I don't know what the heck our uhh, our -


Joseph: Legal system


Larry: -justice people our,  yeah it's more a legal system than it is a justice system. But that isn't right and you know like frankly, if you, if you're not willing to show your face in a um, the ceremony, that you're joining the best country in the world, than frankly-


Joseph: Send ya back


Larry: -yeah, frankly um, if you don't like that or don't want to do that,  stay the hell where you came from, is the way,


Joseph: That's true


Larry: -and I think most Canadians feel the same, that's maybe  saying it a little harshly, but it's the way I feel. I'm so sick and tired of, of people wanting to come here because they know it's a good country and then they want to change things before they even really officially become a Canadian, so , I have no sympathy for her, and  I hope that, you know our, it's going to be challenged by our government if it isn't alread, said so-


Joseph: If they don't win something's wrong


Larry: I agree. Joseph, so thanks for the comment on that.



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