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ubereats- by David McLaren

When the NDP found themselves forming government in Ontario after the 1990 election, no one was as surprised as they were. Nevertheless, they put together the most progressive bundle of labour legislation since Canadian governments had started to copy FDR’s New Deal some 50 years previously. Their Bill 40 opened the door wide for workers who wanted to protect themselves in the workplace.

In 1995, Mike Harris formed the government ...

leemanor1Local long-term care homes will receive a combined $7,238,772 in provincial funding this year for more staff, working toward the goal of ensuring long-term care residents receive—on average—four hours of direct care per day by 2024-25. 

Lee Manor, in Owen Sound, will receive up to $1,308,204 ...

diversityThe Ontario government is seeking input from the community as it launches a review of the province’s Anti-Racism Strategic Plan. The consultations will help inform programs supporting public education and awareness, community collaboration, and anti-racism initiatives ...

truckerconvoy3The Ontario government is providing up to $11.5 million to local businesses in Ottawa impacted by the nearly four-week long occupation near Parliament Hill in January and February 2022. This funding will also help Ottawa restore consumer confidence and welcome people back to the nation’s capital.

The funding includes ...

dougfordforthepeople- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Another Friday, another message from the local Progressive Conservatives.

Last Friday we published Bill Walker's full 1208-word announcement that he will not be running ...


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