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maskedworkers- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

While Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound is not represented by a member of Premier Freord's cabinet, our neighbours in Huron-Bruce are. What should cabinet be discussing today as Public Health Ontario reports 16,714 COVID-19 cases and warns the true number of infections is likely higher.

We are sharing this statement ...

bridgeBruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker has announced that local municipalities will receive a combined total of $12,310,034 in 2022 through the Ontario Community Infrastructure ...

highwaywidePremier Ford,

I do not write a lot of letters but I am moved to write this one: about the proposed construction of Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass.

The issues at stake are huge and will outlast us all with a damaging legacy. The emissions and toll of construction involved, and the resultant increase in gas powered vehicle traffic ...

housingcolourOntario Green Leader Mike Schreiner introduced a new motion at Queen’s Park this morning, calling on the Ford government to immediately address the housing crisis.

“Ontario is neck-deep in a housing affordability crisis,” Schreiner said. “It’s at a breaking point, And it’s only getting worse.” ...

alexruffparliamentAlex Ruff, Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound issued the following statement in response to the Liberal Government’s 2021 Speech from the Throne:

“On November 23rd, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Governor General Mary May Simon delivered the Liberal Government’s Speech from the Throne. The speech was broad in scope, and empty in substance. ...


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