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As Ontario teachers in selected school boards across the province prepare for a one-day strike on Wednesday, one party leader has made it clear that they have his support in demanding investment over cuts.

Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, issued this statement today.

“I know that high school teachers do not make this move lightly, but they have deemed it necessary because of the standstill at the negotiating table.

Rather than bringing forth reasonable proposals to protect high-quality public education, the Minister continues to push a plan for education cuts.

Teachers will not sign off on a plan that pulls thousands of educators out of schools and drags Ontario down to the level of US states that replace teachers with mandatory e-learning.

The government is fighting a battle to inflict long-term harm on our education system.

I stand with teachers, parents, and students demanding investments in our schools, not cuts.”

Our local school boards will have information pickets next Wednesday, but students will be in class.






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