ON Election 2022



Since I have been old enough to vote, I have marked my ballot for 3 different parties.

In the last decade, I have worked on Liberal campaigns and most would identify me as a diehard Liberal. This is not the reason I will be voting for Selwyn Hicks on June 2nd.

I’m sure all ridings are unique. I believe this is particularly true in Grey Bruce. As someone who worked in public education for 39 years, I have seen firsthand the diversity of needs and opportunities within our riding.

Regardless of political affiliation, I would urge voters to consider the impact Selwyn Hicks, as MPP, can have on our riding. His priorities, network and passion to advocate on behalf of constituents who experience the full range of challenges and good fortune, is what we need here now.

Someone who has experienced abject poverty, really knows the importance of affordable housing and social service support. Someone who has worked in organizations helping homeless youth, knows the importance of mental health. Someone who has been elected municipally at the local and county level has a readymade network and local knowledge to get things done for our riding. That someone is Selwyn Hicks.

While Selwyn has very impressive professional credentials, this is not something he highlights or has shaped who he is as a person. His collective life experience has enabled him to apply his background, education and experience as he serves his community. His moral compass does not waver. He is driven to help others and is not motivated by personal gain.

BGOS would be well served with Selwyn Hicks as our MPP.

Mary Anne Alton, Owen Sound




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