snowmobile safetyBruce Peninsula Ontario Provincial Police would like to offer some reminders and safety tips to those planning on operating a snowmobile during the winter months.

When you operate a snowmobile off private property you must hold a valid Ontario Driver's Licence, the motorized snow vehicle (MSV) that you are operating must be registered with the Ministry of Transportation with a valid...

safeguardGrey County Ontario Provincial Police wish to provide the community with information about the SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Program that is being offered by the Ontario Provincial Police.

The OPP recognize that break and enters continue to remain an...

OS-Police-Tire-featCity Police investigate hit and run.

Owen Sound Police are investigating a hit and run accident that occurred Monday evening on the east side of Owen Sound. A motorist reported to police that at approximately 8:35 p.m. she was driving east bound in the 1500 block of 16th Street East and...

OS-Police-Targs-featOwen Sound Police investigate theft at construction site.

The Owen Sound Police are investigating a theft from a construction site on the east side of Owen Sound last evening. At approximately 11:30 p.m. a citizen reported to an officer on patrol about some suspicious activity at a construction site on...


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