On Thursday morning, November 12th, 2020, an Owen Sound resident received a phone call from a male who indicated that he was an Owen Sound Police Officer. The caller provided a fake name and badge number and tried to convince the victim that they had been a victim of fraud in relation to their bank account.

The fraudster then obtained the last three digits of the victim’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card, told the city resident that their bank account would be frozen and that they should withdraw all their money, go to the city of Barrie and wait further instruction. Fortunately, the victim became suspicious, contacted the Owen Sound Police and learned that it was a scam.

Although police do call members of the public on a regular basis for investigative purposes, police do not request Social Insurance Numbers and will not make arbitrary phone calls with respect to your banking information. If you are unsure as to whether you are speaking with a legitimate police officer over the phone, ask to contact the officer at the police station and call 519-376-1234.

Police would like to remind the public that phone scams are a very common occurrence and citizens should be vigilant, especially approaching the holiday season.

For more information about frauds and scams or to make a report you may contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or online at http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca.

source: media release, OSPS



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