The snowstorm that recently passed over Southern Bruce County created some challenges for motorists. Members of the South Bruce Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were kept busy responding to an increase in traffic related calls.

Between 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17, and 2:05 p.m. Monday, Nov. 20, the South Bruce OPP responded to 36 traffic calls in addition to several other calls for service. These additional calls were a combination of motor vehicle collisions, vehicles stopped in live lanes of traffic, vehicles left on the shoulder of the road and vehicles in ditches.

A common cause of wintertime crashes is speed too fast for conditions. So, the first tip for safe winter driving is: If you see snow – go slow. Make sure you look far ahead when you drive so you can recognize hazards in advance and have plenty of time to respond. Modern vehicles with all-wheel drive, electronic traction control and snow tires will help you keep control of your vehicle in winter, but they are not effective unless you slow down.

Snow Roads driving 16816Check weather and travel conditions before heading out. Don't take chances if the weather is bad. Allow yourself extra time for travel or wait until conditions improve. If you are travelling and get caught in bad weather, tune to a local radio station for road closure bulletins.

It's best to carry a winter survival kit with you when you travel. Extra clothing, winter boots, blankets, and snack foods are recommended. Having a candle and waterproof matches can help heat the interior of your vehicle if it stalls or you become stranded. A kit list is available online.

Prepare your vehicle before you travel. Clear snow and ice so it doesn't obstruct your view to the front, side or rear of the vehicle and remove excess snow. The snow will blow off as you drive, but the mini squall you create is a hazard for drivers behind you and could cause a serious injury crash.

"The recent storm reminded us that motorists can face rapidly changing driving conditions due to the lake effect caused by Lake Huron. Arriving safely this time of year starts with leaving extra time and reducing your speed. It's also important to think about postponing your trip.

"This past weekend, our officers responded to a 2-vehicle crash and two calls on vehicles that slid into the ditch on a closed highway. The highway was closed for safety do to pockets of zero visibility causing dangerous driving conditions.

"Three motorists were charged with driving on a closed highway, but the consequences could have been so much worse. Road safety is a shared responsibility, please do your part," said Inspector Krista Miller, Detachment Commander, South Bruce OPP.   

Remember – an ordinary driver reacts to the changing road and weather conditions while a good driver anticipates problems before they occur.

Slow down and give everyone a chance to arrive safely at their destination.

source: media release, OPP



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