cold weatherDue to the extreme cold temperatures today, the Owen Sound Police Service will be making the public "Barclay Room" of the police building available as a warming station between 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM.

Anyone requiring use of the warming station is asked to come to the front lobby of the Owen Sound Police Service, where they will be directed to the Barclay Room.

Serious health problems can result from prolonged exposure to the cold. The most common cold-related problems are hypothermia and frostbite.

Indoor Safety:

· Use fireplaces, wood stoves, or other combustion heaters only if they are properly vented to the outside and do not leak flue gas into the indoor air space.

· Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector in your home.

· Keep as much heat as possible inside your home.

· Check the temperature in your home often during extremely cold weather.

· Eat well-balanced meals to help you stay warmer. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

· Never use a charcoal or gas grill indoors—the fumes are deadly.

· Never use a generator inside the house, in the basement, in the garage, or near a window.

· Never leave lit candles unattended.

Outdoor Safety:

· Dress warmly and stay dry.

· Wear a hat, scarf, and mittens.

· Avoid frostbite.

· If you have to do heavy outdoor chores, dress warmly and work slowly.

· Avoid walking on ice or getting wet.

· Notify friends and family where you will be before you go hiking, camping, or skiing.

· Avoid traveling on ice-covered roads, overpasses, and bridges if at all possible.

· If you are stranded, it is safest to stay in your car.

source: media release, Owen Sound Police


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