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At approximately 12:10 a.m. early Sunday morning the Owen Sound Fire Service along with the Owen Sound Police and the Grey County EMS attended the apartment building situated at 944 2nd Avenue East.

The emergency services had received calls with regards to smoke filling the hallway. The smoke was found to be entering the hall from inside one of the apartments. The apartment in question was inspected where an adult male occupant was located. This party became very unco-operative with fire and the police which lead to him barricading himself in his unit armed with weapons.

It was also discovered that he was not alone in his apartment; his 9 year old daughter was in his company. Officers were able to negotiate the safe release of his daughter. As the officers continued with their negotiations with the suspect they were faced with smoke bombs being thrown at them.

The Owen Sound Police obtained the assistance of the Grey Bruce County OPP along with their Emergency Response Team as well their Tactics and Rescue Unit was enroute to the scene. The building was evacuated along with the occupants in the adjacent buildings. Members of Victim Services and the Red Cross attended to assist with the displacement of the residents.

Officers continued with their negotiations which eventually lead to the man’s peaceful surrender just before 5:00 a.m. He was taken into custody and will be presented before the court on Sunday morning, charged with a long list of charges including Arson, Utter Threats, Mischief, and Possess of Weapons for a Dangerous Purpose, etc.

The Owen Sound Police would like to thank all the agencies that came together providing the assistance necessary to help bring this situation to a successful end for all involved.

source: media release, OSPS






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