bullygraphic- by Gary W. Kenny

One morning in the 1970s, as I sat in my Grade 11 high school classroom in small-town Ontario, the principal delivered, over the PA system, some sombre news. A fellow student – Radko – had taken his own life.The previous afternoon Radko (a pseudonym) had purchased a rifle and bullets, walked to a nearby ravine and shot himself to death. . .

secret- by Shea Angus

Jordan Peterson. Ben Shapiro. Shane Gillis. Dave Chappelle. Donald Trump. Jemele Hill. Bill Maher. Don Cherry. Jess Allen.

Recognize any of these names? Chances are you know who they are because people tried to deplatform, fire, or otherwise shut these people down.

main street owen sound vintage- by David Clark

Not all “shop local” is equal. We have seen the signs in store windows targeting residents, and as promotional branding in tourism and visitor ...

TarpTents 7- by Logan Htaf Dwesgi

As the 2019-2020 winter is geared to have colder than usual temperatures, combined with a larger than ever homeless population and no available housing options, we want to avoid frost bite amputations and frozen corpses.

A possibly solution, since the homeless are already using tents, is to support them, and make sure they have. . .




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