hillBy Drew Spoelstra, Executive Member, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Weather, climate and trade are all hot topics in Ontario right now. The recent elimination of Ontario's cap and trade program is leading the news in the province and leaving Ontario farmers with questions....

angel- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Ray Botten's sidewalk campers are not the only faces of homelessness in Owen Sound.
While they continue to occupy their piece of 2nd Avenue, hundreds of others are looking for secure housing they can afford.

Every one of these people in crisis has a story...

nocomputer- by Kaitlyn Neath

Lately I've found myself submersed in the turbulent waters of social media "discussion" – the seething comment sections of all things Trumpian; the endless transgender debate; the necessity of Black Lives Matter; Indigenous rights; the Pride Parade; the confederate flag, (WHY WHY WHY are people flying this in Canada?) – basic

Party-leaders- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Polls close in the 2018 Ontario election in 32 hours, as of this writing. The Owen Sound Hub has published letters to the editor and opinion pieces from candidates, supporters and citizens of all political persuasions.
Now it is our turn.




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