oxendenReconciliation is deep and urgent work that must be intentionally, consistently and pervasively tended to at every possible opportunity in attempts to untangle the devastation of colonialization.

In a small unassuming village, outside of Wiarton, the residents of Oxenden have taken this commitment to heart. Recognizing their prominent location

sitoski- by Richard-Yves Sitoski

First, a snapshot of my community, because Owen Sound is a complicated place that not too many know about. It is a small city of just over 20,000 inhabitants, situated on southwestern Georgian Bay, in an area heavily reliant on tourism that some consider more a stop along the way to tourist areas than a destination in its own right. We’re about three hours north of any major metropolitan areas, but not on any major routes.  ...

inkquinoxepilogueHere is David Robinson's end-plate to the InkQuinox series.

InkQuinoxXXWhether David Robinson's series made you angry, or made you think, the discussion and the work is not done.  Thanks David, for your contribution to the conversation.

If this inspires anyone to express themselves through the Owen Sound Hub, please be in touch.


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