Summerfolk, which this past weekend saw its 39th year, means many different things to those who attend, or who offer crafts, or who volunteer, or who perform. Here are just a few of their stories.

Attendees at the 39th annual Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival shrugged off a torrential downpour Saturday to take in some fine music, check out some fancy odds and ends, and taste a bit of this and that.

For the first time, Fiddlefern Country Dancers will host a contra dance at Woodford Hall.

The public event on Saturday, August 23 features acoustic dance music from Scatter the Cats, intermission entertainment from Big Squeeze (Chuck and Ruth Merrill) and several local dance callers.

Contra dancing is an entertaining, increasingly popular social form of dancing for people of any age. It includes round dances, square dances and others, with live music and a caller leading participants through the simple dance forms.


Supporters of the TTAG gathered in Toronto Tuesday evening to celebrate the birthday of Tom Thomson, and the gallery's new partnership with the Roots retail chain.


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