TOM-show-regThe TOM invites you to join us at the opening of our new shows on Sunday September 21 from 2-4pm.

Admission is by donation; all are welcome. These exhibitions run until January 11, 2015.

Two of these shows reflect the theme of Canadian Spirit 2014: If It Weren't for the War. From May through October 2014, the TOM and partner organizations, individuals and businesses have been collaborating to mark the significant anniversaries of the First and Second World Wars and in particular, the effect war had on the home front. Canadian Spirit is a collaborative, annual program initiated by the TOM in 2012.

Doherty-featBy Jake Doherty

If you think that's strange, given how much I talk, you're right. I've been thinking about my voice in the past few days as I prepare for the launch of my new novel, Bearwalker Alibi, Thursday evening at the Ginger Press in Owen Sound.

But if you have stuttered as long and often as I did when I was much younger, then your voice can never be taken for granted. Not knowing what would come out of your mouth was both embarrassing and draining. My working and easily accessible vocabulary had became narrower and narrower.

lookup-regLook up Theatre presents an afternoon of entertainment when it brings The Roxy Theatre alive with a performance of Insect Circus, followed by the documentary film Every Story has a Twist about the life and times of Look Up's artistic director Angola Murdoch.
The Insect Circus is a creepy-crawly audience delight starring bugs, bees, spiders and more. Be amazed as you watch a caterpillar emerge from its suspended cocoon and flies swarm the spectators, in a most pleasant way.


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