frozen lake

LAKE EFFECT by Magnus Roland Marun
Florence Murphy Dabbs Memorial Award
Senior Poetry – First Place

When the air is frozen and the lake is too, the snow comes flying,
The lines of clouds blew off from the water to the frosty town,
In large white flakes it streams toward the shore and the city brown,
With the gusts and drowsily slanting deluges of white;
Hushing the tires as they pass quickly by the road,
And mixing with a freshly salted mix prepared the day before.
Like flour on water it touched the river,
Lazily falling and incessantly marching down and down,
Silently sifting in the soft wind; every road, roof, and railing there was;
Deadening yet warming,
Stifling yet joyful.
All night did it fall, until feet upon feet lay in depth,
Thick but un-compacted in muffling delight.
Come morn the town woke up early by the strange undiluted glare,
Saw a river of something like Turkish Delight,
The sleepy eyes marveled at the dazzle and whiteness.
No sound permeated the empty day, no wheel or foot,
No cry or shriek of traffic did disturb the solemn air,
Cold yet warm,
A place moving with no noise.

Florence Murphy Dabbs Memorial Award
Senior Poetry – First Place


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