george mcleanPhilanthropist, businessman, politician, and sports team owner David Braley (1941-2020), through his Hamilton-based company Alexander Tools Ltd., has donated 10 artworks by George McLean to the Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

David Braley was a long-time collector of George McLean’s work, purchasing numerous artworks for his home and business over the past decades. When the Gallery’s Curator of Collection, David Huff first saw the collection in Mr. Braley’s office at Alexander Tools in 2019, he commented to the staff that “There is no one else who can capture Grey County landscape and the animals that live there, like George McLean.” Having this collection finally arrive in Owen Sound took a team effort. “The Gallery thanks the City of Owen Sound senior management past and present, Mayor Boddy, George McLean, the staff at Alexander Tools, and Mr. Braley’s family for their assistance in making this a reality.”

The Collection includes eight paintings and two graphite drawings. A number of these artworks were included in the 2010 Tom Thomson Art Gallery exhibition George McLean: The Living Landscape which toured to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Art Gallery of Sudbury, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, and the National Wildlife Museum in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

The Gallery is currently developing plans to publicly showcase this donation.

"David Braley was very passionate about Canadian Wildlife art, and the works by George McLean had a special place in his heart. He always knew that there would be no better place than the Tom Thomson Art Gallery to share these great pieces with everyone. The works of art have found their permanent home," says Grant Panchyson, President, Alexander Tools Ltd.

"It is a great honour to receive this donation of Grey County artist George McLean’s artworks. We recognize the late David Braley’s outstanding vision and passion for collecting these paintings and we are thrilled to bring them home to The TOM where we will share their powerful beauty and artistic excellence with generations to come," says Aidan Ware, Director, and Chief Curator, Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

source: media release, Tom Thomson Art Gallery


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