David Newland
On August 18 at 7:30 PM, Grey Roots Museum and Archives will present David Newland: Arctic Reflections in Story and Song in association with the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival. Through stirring songs and heartfelt stories, David takes his audience on a northern adventure, with stunning photographs of his travels presented on the big screen of Grey Roots Museum’s theatre. Concert tickets include free admission to Grey Roots Museum, where attendees can tour Arctic Voices, a traveling exhibit by Science North, which reinforces the themes of David’s performance.

David spent seven years travelling with Adventure Canada as a Zodiac driver, performer, and host, leading many guided trips in the Arctic. Now, he travels coast to coast as a performer and speaker. He is a frequent Summerfolk performer, where he is also a favourite mainstage host.

David’s performance draws the audience into the Arctic. His well-crafted stories and songs combine with powerful photos to shine a light on this important and misunderstood region. He sings empathetically of the ill-fated historic voyages to find the Northwest Passage, but he saves his most passionate stories for the Inuit and northern peoples whose cultural strength and resilience he came to admire during his time in the Arctic.

The exclusive pre-Summerfolk presentation David Newland: Arctic Reflections in Story and Song will be seen at Grey Roots Museum Theatre on one night only, Thursday, August 18. It will be a full 75-minute show plus intermission. Tickets are available now at Grey Roots' website.

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