TOM ConcertAn after-school program that provides support to vulnerable children in Owen Sound is seeking the community’s support in a unique way. The Big Sound, a local registered charity that seeks to improve student self-esteem, academic performance, and sense of inclusion through ensemble musical instruction, is asking for donations of new or gently used instruments. In partnership with Long and McQuade, the goal of “For the Love of Music” is to collect at least 40 instruments.

“We are just finishing our first year of offering our program and already we can see the incredible difference we are making for families in Owen Sound,” said volunteer Board President David McLeish. “As we prepare for our second year, we want to make sure we can reach even more students and build on our early success. In a community that is full of musicians, artists and people who simply love music, we hope to find some terrific instruments out there, just sitting around looking for a new forever home.”

The Big Sound is an after-school program that teaches participants to sing and play an orchestral instrument in an ensemble that meets several days per week throughout the school year. The program is made available at no cost to children or their families. Qualified teachers, mentors and coaches create a safe and caring environment for children and lead classes. Nutritious snacks are provided each day through the support of the United Way of Bruce Grey.

The Big Sound is asking for instruments typically found in an orchestra for use in its after school music program including:

Violins, violas, cellos, double basses

People can participate in the “For the Love of Music” drive by purchasing a new instrument, donating gently used instruments to the program, or by making a cash donation toward the purchase of a new instrument. The priority is ½ and ¾ size violins, violas, cellos and percussion instruments of any kind. Other orchestral instruments such as French Horns, Trumpets, Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoons, and Saxophones will also be gratefully accepted for future use. All donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

Even before formally announcing “For Love of Music”, the Big Sound received a donation of a violin and a full-sized cello to the program. “We already know there are kids who are going to put those instruments to good use,” said David. “And whether you donate a new or used instrument, we promise to give them a home full of life and love.“

“For the Love of Music” will run through June 30. Donations can be made at Long and McQuade (704 6th Street East, Owen Sound) Monday through Saturday, 10am – 6pm.

To support the Big Sound you can:
· purchase a new instrument for the program (full charitable receipt),
· donate toward the purchase of a new instrument (full charitable receipt for donations $20 and up), or
· donate a gently used instrument to the program (charitable receipt for the appraised value).

Concluded David, “We’re hopeful that “For the Love of Music” will not only help us out financially, it will also demonstrate to our incredible kids that their community is behind them all the way. It is a unique ask, but it means the world for the kids to know that the community is there for them.”

source: media release, The Big Sound




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