coffee housePeople with mental health concerns show off their talents.

The suffering and confusion is difficult. The talent show is a way to shine through the dark clouds. The big white tent was in front of the hospital on May 10th of this year. What was it doing there? The Patient and Family Advisory Council hosted a Coffee House in simpler terms a talent show.

It was the sixth year and it was a special year. I found that a lot of the performers spoke and sang in ways that warmed the heart. It was awesome to hear so many people express their talents. We also had a play performed that Ambassadors from Community Connections wrote. It was great to see our words performed on stage. It made the play come alive. Theatre is a great dynamic way for teaching others about mental health. Theatre can spur us on to do fantastic things.

The play was called ‘Your Wish is Granted’. The story was that a young woman was having a difficult time knowing what to do with her friend in hospital with a mental illness. Three people spoke about different concerns and solutions having to do with mental health from: relationship longings to troubles sleeping, and from wanting to quit smoking to money issues. Importantly the play also showed the sliver lining of mental illness where art, work and friends can help make life meaningful. In the end the young woman thanked these voices for helping her learn about mental illness and the audience learned some things too.

People enjoyed the play and spoke about wanting to see another one next year. People also enjoyed the varied talents. They all agreed it took great courage to go up on stage. Each year we get some new performers. It’s great to see these new people perform on stage. There were around two hundred people that stopped by to see part or all of the show. Thank you to those who supported the coffee house. The staff did a great job of hosting the coffee house along with the Patient and Family Advisory Council. A special shout out to mental health staff. Thanks to First United and the congregation for the help in sponsoring donations as well as the Community Foundation, HER Grey Bruce and Melanie’s Comfort and Care Project who also gave support to this project.

The coffee house was meant to lift people up and give new meaning to mental health. People with mental health concerns can do some pretty amazing things. The overwhelming dark clouds that keep people upset had to make way for the rays of sunshine that the performers provided. Thanks. May you enjoy the beautiful sunshine this season brings.

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