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OWEN SOUND- A lawyer for the City of Owen Sound says the mysterious tooth found in the city's harbor belongs to the city.
"The object known as 'The Serpent's Tooth' was discovered within the boundaries of the city," city solicitor Joan Greenborough said in a statement.
The tooth was discovered by local diver Jacob Autumn D'Wellor, who admitted finding it while diving near the city's waste water plant. That area has since been closed to divers due to the discovery of three distinct ship wrecks there.
The city contends that due to the existence of the ship wrecks D'Wellor should have followed the proper procedures for marine salvage.
"For all anyone really knows this 'Tooth' might have been on one of those ships," Greenborough said in a phone interview. "D'Wellor may have found the object, but he has no claim to it."
Since the story broke D'Wellor had found what is believed to be a giant tooth, and the greatest proof ever of the existence of a lake monster in Georgian Bay, his story has come under fire from many.
"I don't know how Jacob got the tooth, but he knew what he had right away," his long-time friend Jamie Levine said. "He was in the bars all the time offering to show it off to anyone who'd buy him a beer. That wasn't in 2013, that was 2015, after the wrecks were found."
Diving instructor Renee Osas also said she doesn't believe D'Wellor's story.
"While he was learning to dive he was talking about wanting to go see the shipwrecks they'd just discovered in the harbor," she said. "It's why he was taking the lessons."
In a text Greenborough wrote that the city is looking to get an injunction to prevent D'Wellor from selling the Serpent's Tooth as planned.
"The New York auction of the object should be postponed until proper ownership of it has been established," Greenborough later Tweeted.
"The federal government might also be interested in the 'Serpent's Tooth'," she wrote in a post on the Owen Sound Serpent's facebook page. "After all, it is a federal harbor."




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