feedbackHow do you feel about the quality of life in Owen Sound? What about the value of services funded through taxes? As a citizen of Owen Sound, we’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions. Let’s Connect!

The City of Owen Sound has partnered with Forum Research Inc to conduct a statistically relevant Citizen Satisfaction Survey between July 12 and July 30.

Citizens (18 years and older) who are contacted to participate in this confidential survey can expect questions regarding residents’ quality of life, municipal services and programs, communication strategies, and the perceived value of municipal spending.

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is an effective way to examine the City’s performance and gauge satisfaction with service levels, needs, concerns, and priorities in comparison to the national norm and other comparable municipalities. This survey will also serve as a baseline to compare against future City of Owen Sound surveys.

The survey will be conducted using random digit dialing (RDD) telephone techniques and will include cell phones and landlines. This means that everyone with a landline or cell phone has an equal chance of being called. Citizens who are not called will have an opportunity to participate using a supplemental online survey.

Results of the survey will be presented to Council and placed on our website in the Fall of 2021. The results will support Council and staff in strategic decisions on long-term planning, priority setting, budgeting, and issues management.

"The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is the first of its kind for the City. Council continues to recognize that it is important to find new ways to engage with the public and find better ways to provide services to our citizens," says Mayor Ian Boddy. "If you get called, please take the time to complete the survey or go online and have your say. The results will help us gain insight and awareness to the evolving needs of the community which will assist Council and staff when formulating decisions for the city.”

source: media release, City of Owen Sound


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