Dated at Chambers this 13th day of September, 1909: BY-LAW NUMBER 1368 – A By-Law to change the names of all of the Streets in the Town of Owen Sound and to provide for the re-numbering of Houses and Buildings thereon.

WHEREAS in the manner in which the Streets in the Town of Owen Sound are named is confusing to newcomers and strangers in said Town and others, two or three of the Streets’ having the same name, some bearing one name North of Division Street and another South of it and the present system generally rendering it difficult for those who are not  acquainted with the said Town to find their way to many parts of it;

divisionstAND WHEREAS the Post Office Department Authorities have expressed their intention to inaugurate a Postal Delivery in the said Town upon being assured that all the houses
therein have been numbered and it is advisable that any change in the naming and numbering aforesaid should be made with as little delay as possible so that the new Post Office Building can be fitted up for Postal Delivery;

AND WHEREAS in view of the foregoing and of the increased and increasing population of the said Town and the annexation of the territory thereto and in the Public interest generally it is deemed advisable to abolish existing names of Streets in said Town and to adopt the simple system of naming all the Streets running North and South Avenues and all the Streets running East and West Streets and to number them and the houses and buildings thereon as hereinafter mentioned;

IT IS THEREFORE enacted by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Town of Owen Sound as follows:

  1. That the present names of all Streets in the Town of Owen Sound be hereby abolished.
  2. That all Streets running North and South therein shall be called Avenues.
  3. That all Streets running East and West therein shall be called Streets.

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