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Owen Sound City Council has passed the by-law to adopt the approved 2023 Budget, which includes one of the lowest tax levy increases in more than 12 years.

Council and staff have focused on continuing to pursue internal efficiencies to achieve savings of more than $720,000. The total municipal levy increase is 0.86%, or $36.38 per year for the average home in Owen Sound.

Owen Sound's budget is made up of two parts: Capital and Operating.

The Capital Budget consists of large projects to maintain facilities, roads and other critical infrastructure. Capital projects are budgeted over a multi-year plan.

The Operating Budget includes finances required to keep City services running, such as salaries and winter maintenance.

The 2023 levy total of $33,140,000 funds capital projects and operating expenses. The City of Owen Sound also collects taxes on behalf of the County of Grey and the Province of Ontario for education.

Quick Facts:

  • Approximately 20 cents of every tax dollar is redirected to the County.
  • The increase will cost the average homeowner in Owen Sound $3.03 a month in 2023.
  • The total City levy for 2023 is $33,140,000 and is made up of Capital and Operating dollars.
  • Total taxes collected by the City of Owen Sound include taxes for the County of Grey and the Province of Ontario for education.
  • The municipal levy is the total amount of funds the City of Owen Sound collects from its property taxpayers.

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source: City of Owen Sound


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