As some streets in Owen Sound remain closed due to construction, Owen Sound Police warn drivers against driving on roadways that are closed for construction, maintenance or weather conditions.

In particular, several fans leaving the Owen Sound Attack home game last Saturday night drove past obvious road closure signs onto northbound on 3rd Avenue East, from the Bayshore Community Centre. While a portion of this closed roadway is passable with caution for local traffic, the roadway becomes impassable a short distance north of the road closure signs. Drivers who disobeyed the signs found themselves in the dangerous situation of having to turn around in a construction area in the dark.

It is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act to drive on a closed roadway and carries a fine of $110.00 and three demerit points. In addition, your insurance company may not indemnify you for any damages or collision that may occur while knowingly driving on a closed roadway.

Owen Sound Police will continue to monitor and conduct traffic enforcement in locations where drivers continue to drive on closed roadways.

Auth: Insp. Vince Wurfel

Owen Sound Police Service


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