Some of our west-side neighbours have askd the City of Owen Sound for an "encroachment"  -  that is, legal permission to use a piece of property.

soundstreetbeachThe area is known as Sound Street Beach, "which extends from the northerly boundary of the Georgian Yacht Club to the northerly terminus of 2nd Avenue West. The lands consist of the shoreline east of 2nd Avenue West, between 26th and 27th Street West. There is an irregular rocky shoreline with some trees and scrub vegetation", according to a staff report coming to City Council Monday night.  Most of Sound Street Beach has traditionally been off-limits to the public save for the small public area at the intersection of 2nd Avenue West and 27th Street West. The land along Sound Street Beach is divided in ownership between the City and Transport Canada.

The neighbours would like to use the land opposite their homes, now licenced by the City from Transport Canada and designated "No Access", for firepits, sitting areas, kayak-rack, docks, walkways - essentially their private recreation area.

Recognizing the cost and difficulties of enforcing the encroachment and by-laws, and potential conflicts with members of the public who might try to use the newly renovated space, City staff recommended that council not approve the application.

"City staff is proposing to enter into an agreement with Transport Canada to have the subject lands converted into a park and be conjoined with the City’s trail system. If the encroachment agreement applications moving forward, this would inhibit the City from converting the area into a park for all residence and visitors to enjoy."

"The Transport Canada lease will enable the City to open the area for public use, which is supported by the Official Plan. The Official Plan states that the City will maintain public accessibility to the water’s edge to the greatest extent possible, and identify and protect view corridors to and across the water where possible."

Council approved the staff recommendations unanimously.





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