The Township of Georgian Bluffs and City of Owen Sound are working together to offer use of the City’s Leaf and Yard Waste depot to Georgian Bluffs residents.

The City’s Leaf and Yard Waste site on 28th Avenue East in Owen Sound provides a convenient location for residents to drop off their yard waste, including leaves, grass clippings, and small branches. Following increasing costs to manage the facility, the City of Owen Sound and the Township of Georgian Bluffs have reached an agreement on an annual fee of $26,000, based on estimated use of the site, to open the facility to Georgian Bluffs residents.

“We sincerely appreciate the City of Owen Sound providing this service and partnering with Georgian Bluffs to include our residents at their compost site,” said Mayor Sue Carleton.  "As small communities it makes sense to share resources where we can with our neighbours to provide the services that are needed by and important to all residents."

The yard waste depot is open seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., with the agreement coming into effect on Friday May 12, 2023. Residents are reminded to bring proof of address, such as a driver’s licence or utility bill, when attending the site and to only drop off accepted materials.

"Being collaborative and working together on issues that face us all is valuable," said Mayor Ian Boddy of Owen Sound.  “Teaming up with our neighbours is an important example of an innovative and effective way we can work together to benefit both our community and our environment.”

This partnership between Georgian Bluffs and Owen Sound is just one of the many initiatives the two communities are working on to promote sustainable living and reduce their environmental footprints.

For more information on the Leaf and Yard Waste site, or if you are a commercial contractor, please visit the Township of Georgian Bluffs or City of Owen Sound's websites.

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