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At the Owen Sound City Council will be discussing the proposed site plan for the East Ridge Community School - the conversion of the former Owen Sound Collegiate and Vocation School (OSCVI) - at their meeting on Monday, June 12.

The proposed site plan includes:

  • New hardscaped play area at the north east corner of the building, resulting in the elimination of 19 existing parking space and some landscaping at the northeast corner of the existing building;
  • Closing the east/west drive aisle north of the existing building, eliminating the most northerly vehicular connection to Georgian College property to the west. The paved area will be removed and replaced with a mix of landscaping, new playground equipment, bicycle parking, and pathways.
  • Maintaining the southerly east/west drive aisle connection to Georgian College parallel to 8th Street East.
  • New chain link fence around rear yard (playground and sports field).
  •  The existing asphalt walkway to 10th Street East will be maintained with a new connections to main rear building entrances. BWDSB will determine when to open/close gate in new chain link fence.
  • New child care play area for YMCA daycare at the southwest corner of the building, resulting in a shorter drop-off loop and the elimination of 9 parking spaces. Buses will not use this loop, instead it will be for parents to drop off students.
  •  The parent drop off/fire route in front of the school will be for one wayroute in front of the school will be for one way traffic only. As this one way traffic intersects with the two way traffic in the east/west drive aisle that connects with Georgian College, stop signs are in place.
  • A pedestrian pathway crosses the drive aisles and landscaped areas, and links the main front entrance to the school to the multi-

use path along 8th Street East. This pedestrian connection will also serve as a cross walk for those parking on the south side of this drive aisle. Where there are barrier free parking stalls on the south side of the drive aisle, a flush hard surfaced walkway is provided on the south side of the stalls linking to the pedestrian cross walk.

  • Buses will enter the site off of 16th Avenue East, line up along the drive aisle on the east side of the building, and exit on to 8th Street East. Bus drop off may need to be timed to accommodate the anticipated number of buses each day.
  • Concrete sidewalk will provide pedestrian connection from the school along the bus route, and connect to the existing sidewalk on 16th Ave E.
  • The drive aisle on the east side of the building will be widened and new painted parking islands separate this busing aisle from the easterly parking lot.
  • Addition of 9 (8 + 1 barrier free) new parking spaces along the westerly lot line.

source: Owen Sound City Council June 12 agenda


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