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A staff recommendation accepted Monday evening at  Owen Sound City Council will see the City paying more for the management of its Billy Bishop Airport starting next month.  The proposed contract with Phoenix Management Group represents a 45% increase over the current contract – beginning with an additional $18,250 for the remainder of this year.

The new contractor, "responsible for the maintenance, operation and management of the Airport", will not have much of a learning curve as Steve Rouse, principal of Phoenix Management, has been the manager of the Billy Bishop Airport under CYOS Aviation Management Inc. (CYOS).  The current three-year contract to manage the airport expires this June 30 and CYOS - a group including current hangar owners – opted not to renew it. Following the City's purchasing by-law, a tender was called and two bids were received and evaluated.

Over the next decade, City reports estimate there will be a need for $1.1 million in capital expenditures, $1.3 million for operation and maintenance at the Airport while the revenue is expected to be less than $600,000 over the same period.

In the City's 2016 service review, Council learned of the legal and financial complications of the options it was considering – sale, closure or seasonal closure of the Billy Bishop Airport – and decided to remain with the status quo.




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