A report from the City Manager:

The DIA Board of Management and the City of Owen Sound have agreed to provide Business and City sponsored parking in the downtown and that system began on April 1, 2019. For April timed parking violations were receiving a warning ticket only. Beginning in May timed parking violations will receive tickets with fines included. This will garner more feedback from the users on how well the system is working.

One area of feedback received has been requests for a one-day parking pass, and that is the subject of this report. Parking in the Long Term Public Parking Areas is limited to 5 hours at no charge. Anyone requesting to park longer in the designated Long Term Areas on a regular basis can purchase a monthly parking pass for $30.00. This may be applicable to people employed in the downtown who prefer to park conveniently near their work.

There is a request from organizations for a daily long-term pass for patronswho would like to park conveniently near a location for a day. These daily passes would be valid only in the areas designated as long-term public parking. The daily passes would cost $5.00 each; be issued from City Hall, be clearly stamped with the applicable day they are valid for. Revenues from the daily passes would be distributed evenly between the DIA and the City of Owen Sound.




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