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applestoreThis is a letter regarding the series of articles on Owen Sound Hub called "Living on Minimum Wage"

The sad truth is that many people are living on minimum wage; many in our local municipalities are below the poverty line. At the same time there many very nice government social support programs, that truly are awesome and they take considerable amount of money from... the tax payers' pocket.

In the XXI century with the science and technology advancements and in one of a few richest countries this looks

tapwaterDear Editor,
May I address some issues regarding the use of fluoride in our municipal water systems. Did you know that fluoride is a toxic by-product that comes from the manufacturing of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries? Communities have put fluoride in their water because researchers have said it helps prevent tooth decay. But a growing body of scientists and medical personnel, including Nobel Prize winners, say that this is not the case and are...

coffeesmileTo The Editor,
The tumult and turmoil surrounding the roll out of the new minimum wage saw some employers clawing back benefits which had been extended to their employees in years past. Employees are being penalized vindictively. Protests and boycotts have been organized.
Notably, the Tim Horton's franchise in Cobourg, owned by children of the franchise founders, stated in a letter to

dearmrmiller-fullDear Mr. Miller,
This letter is in response to your Jan. 10 letter "More Concerned for Jobs Program",

Please, please read and listen......
The following is my understanding. If I am wrong I am certainly open to correction.

It is not a contravention of our democracy, of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to tell organizations that if their stated beliefs and policies contravene the very essence of our democracy, they cannot apply for government grants....

LarryMiller-featureDear Editor,

This letter is regarding communications I had with my MP, Mr. Larry Miller, which began in February 2017 and concluded in what can only be described as a shocking e-mail forwarded to me via his constituency office this past summer.

I originally contacted Mr. Miller in February asking to meet with him regarding a proposal I wished to submit on an issue of great importance. He asked that I prepare a document outlining the proposal and with a clear ask. He orally...


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