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smokestackDear Editor,

December 2015, Canada participated in the Paris-COP21 Climate Change Conference. What action should be taken to reduce Carbon emissions in Canada?
Humans burn three trillion cubic metres of gas per year, three million barrels of oil monthly and three hundred tons of coal every second. How fast can we change this? The safest and quickest would be nuclear plants. At the rate of 52 reactors per year, it would take at least 20 years and to replace all coal-fired plants in the world would take 150 Years at the current installation rates and oil and gas would still burn. Ontario's

biodegradable-packing-peanutsHere's something I don't understand ... back in the 90's when I was a computer technician, we would sometimes receive parts in cardboard boxes and surrounded by foam peanuts that were not an oil product. They were a foam that was made from starch, and to dispose of them all we had to do was throw them into the sink and spray them with water. Think "Cheesies" without the colour or flavouring. This option has been available for years, and still we accept shipping in oil based foam peanut material as the norm. Those things

AgnesProfileThe Bank of Canada wants to put a Canadian woman on our money; and it's giving the public until April 15th to nominate someone. Go here to have your say.

Well, it's about time. Don't get me wrong. I like the Queen. She's a nice lady ... been through a lot.

But she's not, you know, one of us.

So the question is who?

In our little corner of Canada, the 'who' is easy. There's Nellie McClung – one of the Famous Five women who argued that they were, counter to manly opinion at the time, "persons."

Then there's Nahweebawbeekwe – Catherine Sutton. When the Government of Upper Canada refused to let her and her Band buy back their own land after the Treaty of 1836, she took their grievance to England and...

mailboxesDear Editor,

Many landowners are calling and e-mailing their local MPPs in fear that the trail on their land would turn into an easement because of rumours and speculation they have heard about Bill 100.

I am writing to clarify these points.

Bill 100, also known as ...




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