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New BoardI recently had the opportunity to tour a high school in another part of the board that I first visited about fourteen years ago. At that time, it had a number of portable classrooms and was brimming with student vitality. What a contrast to now. The portables are long gone and I was told there were twenty empty classrooms in the school. Gone are the instrumental music and dance programmes which had been so active. The student population is insufficient to be able to support these and other options that were once taken for granted.

This same scene is playing out, not only across Bluewater, but in most of the province. School boards everywhere are closing and amalgamating schools to cope with the inescapable fact that there are far


Misconceptions, Misinformation, And The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Recently Owen Sound has been hit with a decision from the school board that some are having a hard time swallowing. While others seem to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, there are many who feel the loss is too much to handle. The decision is to merge the two high schools into the WHSS building, "The school is to be renamed soon", ending the run of both OSCVI and WHSS as two of our town's three high schools.
When making a decision about the future of these schools it's important ...

To Whom it May Concern,

saveoscviI am writing this letter as a concerned citizen of Owen Sound faced to deal with the final decision made by the Blue Water District School Board to close the OSCVI as a high school and amalgamate the 2 public high schools.

Perhaps I could choose to accept it after hearing at the City Council meeting April 27th that BWDSB has completed their accommodation review process within the stated guidelines. Also stated was that the city does not have jurisdiction to make decisions for its education as there is an elected group of "trustees" that have done what is truly best for us. We were told they have acted doing what the community wanted. I guess I should be satisfied.

As a parent of a current grade 10 student at OSCVI, I could not help but notice a print out left by Holly on

ont-budget-fullDear Editor,

A historic health care rally occurred at Queen's Park this Saturday, with hundreds of doctors, patients, and other health care professionals joining together to protest the Liberal Government's gutting of Ontario's health care system.

We've seen the Wynne Liberals cut $815-million from physician services, $50-million from seniors' physiotherapy services, $20-million from the assistive devices program, and 50 medical residency positions. We've also seen the Government cut more than 2,000 children with autism from the Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) therapy waitlist, the only treatment that is statistically effective at improving the development of autistic children. But this is not the first time this Government has forced Ontarians to pay

OSCVIWe are writing this letter in support of the decision made on April 19th as we feel both sides need to be heard.

Mr. Bill Walker, Honourable Mayor, City Councillors and Community Members,

Heritage before Education! Yes the very thought of this bothers us, both as parents and members of this community. O.S.C.V.I. and its Alumni are proving this time and time again but ultimately if this decision gets overturned then that's what has won out. Our goal as parents is to provide our children with the best education possible and at least with a combined high school and more funding then the expanded programs will provide this for them. Some people think that reports of our ever diminishing population of youth in this


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